About Regos

Company was founded by Mr. Tome Romualdo Rego in 2015. A great, Fascinating personality and a multi-talented person, with a genius brain. He had struggled and worked hard for what he is today. He has worked in different fields before establishing this food products business. To start with he had his own business of fabrication for a couple of years , after a few years he join the P&O cruise line in 1995, there after working for about 10 years as a seaman he again decide to have his own business, so he started up with the real estate businesses ‘RPC Builders & Developers’ company in the year 2005 alone with his two partners celibately working with each other, though this business was profitable he was not satisfied, he wanted to achieve much more than this.

His Moto in life is “Always aim high, struggle, work hard and achieve your goals” and do what satisfies yourself Focusing on this Moto he started this business which was in his mind The Food Production business along with Mr. Menino Fernandes who is the strong pillars of this company and a few of his close friends who always supported and guided him throughout the journey .

Rego Food Products Company was established in February 2015 at Sancoale industrial estate Zuarinagar Goa.