Pork Frankfurters 200gm

Frankfurters or franks as they are popularly called, originated from Frankfurt, Germany, where Pork Frankfurter Sausages were inspired. Locally referred to as Frankfurter Würstchen, these sausages have become synonymous with the term Hot Dogs  and wiener & worldwide and are a perfect anytime snack and ideal for kids to satiate their constant hunger pangs!

Made from the freshest of ground pork, seasoned suitably with blended spices and produced under the stricted of environments and expertise, the franks contain No Added Colour. Pork Frankfurters are a slim, cured, smoked and cooked sausage made from purest fresh ground pork, getting its distinctive taste from smoking it using a special technique.




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Cooking Instruction:

Frankfurters are ideally heated only in hot water and should not be cooked, in order to fully enjoy the smokey flavours.

Poaching -Traditionally Frankfurters are poached in simmering water for about 7-8 minutes, giving it
texture and juiciness.

Grill – Preheat griller/oven to medium, lightly oil the sausages. Cook for about 4-5 minutes turning until
lightly golden in colour..juicy inside yet lightly done on the outside.

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